A downloadable Cat for Windows

Collect all objective packages as fast as you can 

Get bonus points by also collecting Bonus Packages(1000 points each)

Claim the ranking and become employee of the month.

WASD - Movement
Space - Jump/Switch to dive mode and back (when in air)
Shift - Slide
Q - Scan
Right Mouse Button - Grappling hook
Z - Respawn (If you get stuck or lost. Doesn't reset progress)

New version available here:

Few hints:
Grappling hook can be used on ground to help you gain speed.
You can toggle Grappling hook mode and Dive mode when in the air (you may gain speed by switching between them).
Slide can help you to get under some obstacles, but it also helps to unstuck.
Scan often and look around. If you miss a package it will be harder to find one again.
Intro can be skipped by pressing Space.
Respawn (Z) can be used not only for respawning when you stuck, but also for fast travel.

3rd Party assets that were used in this game.

Foliage from Open World Demo
Textures from:
Landscape Textures from Brushify Pack
Megascans (concrete, metal, rubble)
Few from GameTextures Material Pack
Pond texture from TharleVFX

Robot model was made during the jam, but was based on model that was made before.
Meshes from SuperGrid Starter pack.
Droplets shader based on one from Chameleon.
Epic Leaderboard Plugin
Fonts from Google Fonts
Sounds from soundly and freesounds.org
"Footsteps Sounds with Blueprint Setup" from Unreal Engine Marketplace
Voice of Boss is acted by our friend outside of our team Atomaton


AwesomeCats_CatsLanding.zip 602 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and play!


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Really great intro, and totally a death stranding parody. However i didn't buy death stranding, because I didn't want to walk around all day, and thats what this is too haha. However, looks great, plays well, just didn't have the time to finish it right now.

And i have NO idea how someone from your team got all packages in 4 minutes haha

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I've just seen your gameplay VOD on Twitch.
There's one thing was not mentioned on this page. But it was mentioned in Game Help.

Right Click - Grappling hook.


hahahahahaha, wellllllllll that's gonna make it was more fun haha. I'll give it another try this weekend :)

everything is perfectly fine! ship is blown up behind him XD.. great voice acting! I was skydiving and I was like oh no I lost the game I didn't get any packages. and then the game begins when you land, like, OHHHHH!

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Thank you for feedback. Have you played original or patched version? I have not tested p2. So i just want to make sure it's possible to finish it.