A downloadable Bubbles for Windows

Awesome Cats entry for UE4 Summer gamejam 2018. Pop meta bubbles with you finger until the escalate and dominate you. Beat pop count and survival time

Project inspired by meta ball technique presented in one of UE4 streams, S-Ed did super work to make them work in VR, infinite number of balls and with depth clipping:


-It's VR project so it will start with blank screen, you need to put headset on to see the game

-Due to executable compression method used it may take some time to launch it at first

-You need a beefy PC to run it, in Oculus dynamic resolution should ease this out


-You divide mass of bubble by 2 poping them with point finger
-Poping first bubble start the game
-Mass of bubble slowly grows
-Bigger bubbles will absorb smaller once and rapidly grow
-When bubbles reach specific size they will pop and damage you
-The damage amount is reduced each division of there mass
-When health runs out the game ends
-Goal is to pop as many balls as possible until they kill you
-You can reset game as well as reset first ball position 
 by pressing A or X button (Oculus) or Touchpad (Vive)


Special Spotlight by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com


MetaBubblesFinal.zip 65 MB


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The world is procedural as well, it is HISM, which are working really fast in UE4. It was animated in blueprints, and then in C++, but due to high amount of nodes it still was slow. It was possible to move animation code to the Vertex shaders but we already have huge load on GPU by the Raymarching cycles.
This game uses dynamic resolution to maintain the framerate, but it's not supported by HTC Vive, so use the resolution scaling in SteamVR if this game goes slow on high count of the bubbles.
Later I'll probably make a more optimized version, if I could to bypass the UE4 "bug" I could not bypass at the time.

You could hit me on twitter: https://twitter.com/mc_lo
Or Discord: https://discord.gg/unreal-slackers S-ed#7290