A downloadable bullet for Windows

What happens when you got only single bullet in battle royal? You need to watch out and make your shoot count!

-- Instructions --

-There only single energy bullet in arena

-One player get the bullet at random.

-He has 15 seconds to shoot other player with it, otherwise furthest player gets the bullet.

-If player got hit he dies and the bullet owner have chance to kill more players.

-If missed, closest player to hit getsbullet and chance to shoot.

-Last surviving player get the point and first player to get 5 points wins.


Game works on Steam test ID (spacewar), because of that all players need to be in same download region in order to see game session, you can set this in View->Settings->Downloads->Download Region. Make sure you got Steam opened at all too :)


Awesome Cats - Single Bullet.zip 176 MB


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I tried to play it with my friend, but even tho we saw eachother's lobbies we couldnt join. Are we doing something wrong?


server runs on your PC so you need to make sure you both can connect to each other

One player creates the server, everyone else should join. You only can see servers in your region (steam API limitation). Generally when you see a server you should just click it an wait for 2-5 seconds to join.

You may search for players on UnrealSlackers discord.


There are 2 maps. They are randomly picked on server creation. One is open space, and other one is corridor like.