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In a world where evil rats find out the cats are protecting an ancient human relic (The Golden Cheese) you must now band together to protect it at all costs. Reports have come in across the globe of rat infestations attacking our bases. With full all out war upon us we have no choice but to use our secret weapon, CAT-125. As a pilot of this advanced piece of equipment you will have access to an array of different weaponry. You will progress through the missions to eventually attack one of their main hidouts and perhaps unlock the mysteries to why the rats what this artifact so much.

Rats love cheese, but cats love tanks!

Make sure to try out the tutorial first so you are well seasoned before embarking on your first mission. If you are not well versed in the process of managing the CAT-125 you could very easily harm yourself or others! ;3


W, S, A, D - Move
LMB - Shoot
1 ,2 , 3, 4 - Weapon Switch
F - flamethrower
TAB or Scroll Wheel - Next/Prev Weapon
Spacebar - Horn
M - .....like Meow?

Install instructions

Just unzip and run... end enjoy ;3


AwesomeCats_CatsLoveTank.zip 144 MB

Development log


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WOOW! I just love the game, I'm not used to play Tanks games but anyways I've spend an hour playing this one and loved it! The graphics are really cool and the gameplay is dope! Keep it up ! 

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TBH, i was actually developing a tank game when this showed up in showcase, Awesome job Guys!!!!!

Very cool, would love to see it! We just did this for a jam, so probably vaporware unless people really love it.


Oh my god. Of course riu is on one of the winning teams. Lol Congrats guys! Pig Army unite!

Thanks, we had a blast making it. Who knows if it will end up being anything!!!